SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization, better known for short as SEO, is the process of adding keyword phrases to your website so that your website can be found in popular search engines such as Google. The search results that you see in Google that aren’t Pay Per Click (PPC) (the one’s at the very top of the search results highlighted) are called organic or natural search results. When your website is organically optimized correctly your website is crawled and indexed for the keyword specifics. Google uses a unique algorithm to index your website and rank it in the search results of Google. The cleaner the SEO, along with white hat techniques, the better the chances are for a higher placement in the search results. There are many other factors that are in combination of getting higher search engine page rankings (SERP). SEO is usually the first step in obtaining a higher placement in the search results of Google.

Why is SEO so beneficial?

According to Hubspot:

  • 20% of local monthly Google searches are for local businesses just like yours
  • 60% of search engine users click one of the top 3 spots on the first page
  • 75% of search engine users never click any search engine page link after the first page

What is the SEO process?

  • Choosing the best keywords – We use a keyword tool identifier along with a cross keyword analysis to understand what the most popular keywords are being search for in your local industry. This helps drive more traffic to your website which in turn helps collect more leads.
  • On-Page SEO – Using a program to cross analyze each of your website pages helps us determine the SEO strengths and weaknesses of each page. We then analyze what keywords your website is being searched for and build upon it’s strengths.
  • Off-Page SEO – All content that is outside of your website such as videos, social media profiles, photos etc is called off-page SEO. We will use the best keyword phrases through research and study to get your business found in the search results of Google for videos, photos and social media profiles as well.

What to stay away from?

  • Companies that make promises of where your website will be ranked
  • Black hat techniques that go against search engine policies which can lead to being banned
  • Using as many keywords as possible and stuffing them into your website

What’s included with basic SEO?

  • Content keyword phrasing including H1 and H2 titles
  • Meta attributes for every page including title, description and tags
  • HTML sitemap
  • XML sitemap
  • Google and Bing Webmaster profile account creation and submissions
  • Permalinks